Колледжи москвы после 9 класса программирование цены

To successfully become a student at Moscow State University. We recommend the following sequence of actions:

  • Choose a relevant educational program For information about the educational programs and admission details for international applicants in 2021, please. Follow the website of MSU Virtual Open Day for International Students.
  • Contact the Faculty

    To learn about the exact deadlines for submitting documents, dates. Format and list of entrance examinations. Date of your further arrival in Moscow. Special requirements (if any). Please apply to the relevant Faculty:

  • Prepare the documents for submission:
    • Application for admission to the first year of study;
    • Originals or copies of documents on education or education and qualifications (degrees) with a notarized translation into Russian:
      • for undergraduate (bachelor) and specialist programs: copy of School leaving certificate (High school diploma);
      • for graduate (master) programs: copy of the previous degree (bachelor or equivalent);
      • for postgraduate (doctoral) programs: copy of the previous degree (master or specialist);
    • Originals or copies of academic records (transcript with the list of studied disciplines and marks);
    • Copy of the first two pages of passport / ID with a notarized translation into Russian;
    • 2 photos 3×4 format (black and white or color printout of a photo taken in 2021 without a headdress on matte paper) — in case of personal submission or mailing of documents; or an official photo 3×4 in digital format — in case of applying via MSU online platform.

    Russian translation of education documents and qualifications obtained outside of Russia must be notarized or. Alternatively. Certified by the Russian Embassy or Consulate in the country where the documents were issued.

    When submitting a document (documents) on education issued outside Russia. Applicants provide the original or a copy of the certificate of recognition of foreign education issued by the Main State Center for Education Evaluation in Russia (https://www.nic.gov.ru/en/), or apply to Moscow State University with a request for recognition of the received education as education of the appropriate level. Allowing to enter the educational programs of Moscow State University.

    IMPORTANT: If you have documents on education or education and qualifications obtained outside of Russia, from March 1, 2021 you can submit an electronic application for recognizing your education as meeting the requirements for admission to Moscow State University. The service is provided free of charge. Link to the MSU online platform for submitting applications for recognition of received education: https://recognition.msu.ru/login. The instructional video on how to submit applications for recognition of received education is available here.

    Documents received outside of Russia must be legalized. Unless otherwise provided by an international treaty of the Russian Federation or the legislation of the Russian Federation. Legalization requirements for different countries is available by the link.

  • Apply for admission

    Submission of documents for the first year of undergraduate and graduate levels (Bachelor, Specialist, Master) for foreign applicants begins on June 15, 2021 and ends:

    • Bachelor and Specialist programs — July 7 or 10, 2021 (depending on the program specialization, please. Check with the relevant Faculty);
    • Master programs — July 20, 2021.

    In 2021, you can apply to Moscow State University in any of 3 ways at your convenience:

    • remotely via the MSU online platform webanketa.msu.ru;
    • in person by submitting documents to the Faculty Admissions Office of Moscow State University;
    • remotely by sending the documents by the postal service.

    In the event that educational documents (school leaving certificate. Diploma) are to be issued late / after the deadline for submitting applications for admission to Moscow State University. Ask the issuing institution (school, college. University) to provide an official letter confirming the receipt of your education documents/diploma in 2021 and stating a clear date when you will receive it.

  • Pass the entrance examinations

    The exact dates of entrance examinations for applicants for the first year of study for bachelor’s. Specialist’s and master’s programs will be established by MSU Central Admissions Office and announced no later than June 1, 2021. Entrance examinations will be carried out in accordance with the decision of the Central Admissions Office in several waves. Starting from June 16.

  • Contact the Faculty

    to know the results and receive an offer to enroll in the MSU program.

  • Accept the offer by sending e-mail to the Faculty

    In the case of using the electronic application form. The originals of documents uploaded to the MSU online platform webanketa.msu.ru must be submitted to the Faculty Admissions Office of Moscow State University before the date set by MSU Central Admissions Committee as the deadline for accepting an offer to enroll.

  • Receive an invitation letter

    For the details of visa processing contact the Russian Embassy in your country. It may take about 45 days to receive a visa. Therefore, we recommend to obtain an invitation from Moscow State University and uploading the documents well in advance.

  • Check out the guidelines for international students

    on what to do before arrival, upon arrival, and immediately after arrival.

  • Sign the educational contract with the Faculty
  • Come study at Moscow State University on September 1, 2021

    Please. Stay in constant contact with representatives of the International Office of your Faculty in order to successfully complete all stages of admission to Moscow State University.

    Visit our Online portal for international students to find a buddy who will answer important questions and help you prepare for your arrival.

    A rough estimate of the costs associated with studying at Moscow State University for international students:

    • Program tuition fee;
    • The cost of living in MSU dormitory — about 14,000 rubles per month (depending on living conditions);
    • Voluntary health insurance policy (VHI), mandatory for international students — about 13,000 rubles (depending on the insurance company). VHI includes coverage for basic medical examinations and tests that international students must undergo;
    • Expenses for translation. Notarization and legalization of documents on the education;
    • Recognition of education as meeting the requirements for admission to Moscow State University — free of charge. Subject to application through the online platform of Moscow State University;
    • The use of books in the university library is free;
    • Additional expenses on food. Transportation and leisure.

    If you want to be enrolled in a program taught in Russian. We recommend taking a preparatory year (at least six months) at the Institute of Russian Language and Culture to study the Russian language and the foundations of the disciplines of your future specialization. Russian language courses are available from September 1 to June 30. Tuition fees are around $6,000 per year.

    For general questions about admission to Moscow State University, please. Contact us by sending an e-mail to admission@rector.msu.ru.